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Anxiety | Pain |Inflammation | Helps to Fight Cancer |Noise Phobia | Nausea | Loss of Appetite | Seizures

What Is Cannabidiol

It is NO secret that MILLIONS of people across America are experiencing incredible results and benefits from medical marijuana and other hemp derived products to treat a wide range of both chronic and acute medical conditions.

One hemp derived compound in particular – Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a remarkably powerful compound that contains NO THC, is legal in all 50 states, and has been clinically validated to reduce chronic pain, suppress seizure activity, combat anxiety, depression, and even psychosis disorders, and even more! Did we mention there are NO known side effects?

Cannabidiol For Your Dogs?

The secret more and more people are discovering everyday is that CBD is not only a highly effective treatment for humans, but our Pet Children as well!

More and more vets across the country are including CBD in their treatment therapy. Why? Because it WORKS! And does not come with the all-too-well-known nasty side-effects from big pharma!

What Do Vets Say? (Honest Professional Reviews)

Katherine Kramer, a long-time and well-respected veterinarian in Richmond, British Columbia was at first reluctant to try CBD therapy until some of her Pet Parent clients with senior dogs suffering from terminal illnesses convinced her to try it. The results were “nothing short of a miracle” states Dr Kramer.

Australian holistic veterinarian Edward Bassingthwaighte says he has “been amazed” at the success he has had treating some dogs with CBD. See a couple of his case examples, including a cancerous tumor shrinking away to nothing in three months here.

Why Is Dogtor Dogfather™ Cannabidiol Better?Premium Hemp For The Lasting Health Of Your Pet.

 Natural Safe Formula

Dogtor Dogfather™ CBD is committed to providing the highest-quality cannabidiol products on the market. Here at Dogtor DogFather™ we work hard to make sure you’re getting only the finest cannabidiol supplements, legally and hassle-free. The hemp crops we use to create Dogtor Dogfather™ CBD are not treated with any dangerous synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or growth boosters. We’re proud to be a healthy, organic, non GMO, toxin-free, and 100% American-made product.

 No Prescription Required

Our products are available and fully legal in all 50 states, and a wide range of holistic and conventional veterinarians agree that cannabidiol is a powerful tool in fighting a variety of issues in dogs and cats, including chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, help to inhibit cancer cell growth, and much more…

 Side Effect Free

Cannabidiol has no known side-effects, and is non-psychoactive. Our patented extraction process removes all THC to an undetectable level. Your Pet Children will benefit from all of CBD’s powerful properties while avoiding any “high” that comes from THC. The CBD is where the real medical benefits comes from.

Dosing For Your PetPremium Hemp For The Lasting Health Of Your Pet.

Effective therapeutic cannabis doses have not been worked out in pets. As a result, it is best to start with the lowest amount possible and to gradually increase the dose every 5 days or so until the desired effect is seen. The upper single oral dose limit for CBD products recommended by veterinarians is around 4 mg. Once the pet has received the same dose over about 1 week without undesired effects, the dose can be gradually increased.

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